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  • Dental Equipment Install & Furniture Setup

Didn’t buy your equipment or furniture from Swisher? No problem! We are still the pros you can call when it comes to installing and setting up your equipment. Yes, even if you purchased your latest operatory unit from another online source or retailer, we’ll install it. For a limited time, receive a 20% discount off our hourly rate.

Promo Save 20%Swisher can install and setup just about any new piece of medical equipment or office furniture. Some exclusions apply like panoramic X-ray equipment but we can handle the most common equipment and furniture your practice requires. Before any works begins, we will provide an estimate, have disclaimer notices and request specific payment options prior to beginning work. You will be required to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty; however, we will stand behind the setup and install.

  • Dental Equipment Maintenance

Swisher understands that high quality performance and productivity are essential elements to a thriving dental practice. We know that every minute you have malfunctioning dental equipment that your office is losing valuable time and money. Swisher’s 12-point Preventative Maintenance Program will not only extend the life of your dental equipment but also help to avoid lost productivity by spotting potential problems early.

Skilled service technicians will deliver personalized, local service and perform the following diagnostics:

Dental Equipment Experts12-pt maintenance program

  • Check air compresor (oil level)
  • Check all unit filters and change
  • Check x-ray for drift, MA and voltage
  • Check all lights for drift and adjust
  • Visual inspection of chairs (oil leaks)
  • Check master water filter and change
  • Visual inspection of vacuum pump for leaks
  • Check air/water syringe buttons and tip o’rings
  • Check handpiece pressure and tubings
  • Check that foot controls are functioning properly
  • Check autoclaves/statim — gaskets and filters
  • Check film processor for proper maintenance

Swisher offers monthly or quarterly maintenance at a discounted hourly rate. Under either maintenance program, the same discounted labor rate will be billed even if it is an emergency office call or repair not included under the 12-point Preventative Maintenance Program. We also offer loaner equipment to be used at no extra charge while we are performing shop repairs to your compressors, vacuums, autoclaves, chairs, lights etc.

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